SMM2017 Organizing Committee

The 2017 Biennial Conference is being brought to you by conference co-chairs Tonya Wimmer and Hilary Moors-Murphy. We’ve brought together a phenomenal group of people, including our amazing Scientific Program Committee Chairs, Sofie Van Parijs and Damian Lidgard, to bring to you the best SMM conference yet!

Conference Co-Chairs

Tonya Wimmer, Marine Animal Response Society (left) and Hilary Moors-Murphy, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (right)
Administrative Assistant, Registration and Communication Coordinator
  • Jarrett Corke
  • Coburn MacLean
Media Relations
  • Chris Chaplin
Exhibit Coordinator
  • Bruce Martin
Volunteer Coordinator
  • Dara Orbach
Events Coordinators
  • Pam Emery
  • Katie Kowarski
  • Joana Augusto
  • Jarrett Corke
Sponsorship Support
  • Katie Hastings
Student Affairs and Student Travel Awards
  • Sarah Kienle
  • Laura Feyrer
Scientific Program Committee
  • Sofie Van Parijs, NOAA Fisheries
  • Damian Lidgard, Ocean Tracking Network
  Scientific Program Committee Members
  • Peter Corkeron, Chief Editor & Associate Editor: Conservation
  • Kim Davies: Poster Coordinator
  • Tim Frasier, Associate Editor: Phylogeny, Systematics and Genetics
  • Gordon Hastie, Associate Editor: Behavioural Ecology
  • Jack Lawson, Workshop Coordinator
  • Sam Simmons, Speaker Session Coordinator & Associate Editor: New Technology
  • Garry Stenson, Associate Editor: Population biology and Abundance
  • Greg Thiemann, Associate Editor: Polar Ecology
  • Julie van der Hoop, Associate Editor: Physiology
  • Cecile Vincent, Associate Editor: Foraging Ecology
  • David Yurowski, Associate Editor: Conservation
  Additional Associate Editors
  • Pierre-Yves Daoust, Associate Editor: Health
  • Elliott Hazen, Associate Editor: Habitat and Distribution
  • Bill McLellan, Associate Editor: Anatomy and Morphology
  • Susan Parks, Associate Editor: Acoustics and Communication
  • Heather Heenehan, Associate Editor: Education and Outreach
Art Exhibit Coordinator and Support
  • Damian Lidgard
  • Sarah McComb
Conference Planner
  • Kim Rhodes, Experient 
Website, Tech and Communication Coordination
  • Katherina Audley


 A big THANK YOU to all who make this conference possible!

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