Below you will find a list of conference workshops that will be held on October 28th and 29th. The workshops marked with (*) will run all day Saturday and Sunday. To view a complete list of SMM2017 workshops (including date, duration and workshop description), click here.

Workshops cost $60 USD for a half-day workshop, $90 USD for a full-day workshop and $180 for two day workshops. If you are not registered for the conference, you will have to pay an additional non-conference participant administration surcharge of $40 USD. 

To register for conference workshops, please click here. Note that there are limited spots for workshop and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis. 

SMM2017 Workshops

Saturday, October 28, 2017 & Sunday, October 29, 2017


  1. Cetacean abundance and distribution in the North Atlantic*
  2. Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) of marine mammals*

Saturday, October 28, 2017


  1. Marine mammal biological research collections: status and future direction of specimen archives and museum collections used in research and conservation
  2. Analysis of data from high-resolution animal-borne tags
  3. Not all is black and white: Identifying research challenges and solutions for the lesser known 'blackfish'
  4. Pinniped entanglement & rescue
  5. Exploring the use of expert elicitation for the interim assessment of the population consequences of disturbance
  6. Measuring hormones in marine mammals: Current methods, alternative sample matrices, and future directions
  7. Application and validation of compound-specific stable isotope analysis in studies of marine mammal ecology and eco-physiology
  8. Assessing the responses of marine mammals to anthropogenic acoustic disturbance
  9. Women in marine mammal science: Breaking down barriers to success
  10. The Eighth International Sirenian Symposium
  11. SciCommercial: Science communication marketing and filmmaking workshop
  12. Marine mammal mortality in global fisheries: Assessment, mitigation, and capacity building
  13. Experimental science in wild and captive marine mammals


  1. Flukebook: A joint platform for citizen scientists and dedicated researchers
  2. Sanctuaries: The new seascape for captive cetaceans


  1. Marine mammal individual based models
  2. Reproducible research with R, Git, and GitHub

Sunday, October 29, 2017


  1. Cachalote Consortium 2017: Acoustics, genetics and the structure of sperm whale societies - implications for the conservation of ocean nomads
  2. Investigation of live large whale stranding response techniques
  3. Bayesian and Hierarchical Bayesian models for Capture-Recapture: Introduction to theory and practical learning in R & BUGS
  4. Marine mammal sensory systems: An integrated perspective 
  5. Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in freshwater environments
  6. Distance sampling: Conventional and hierarchical methods for abundance in R


  1. Development and implementation of low-cost methods to reduce cetacean bycatch in small scale gillnet fisheries
  2. Killer whales in western North Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea


  1. Catching the right fish: a toolbox for place-based risk assessment of marine mammal bycatch

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