Art Exhibitors

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Brian Skerry is a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Since 1998 he has been a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine covering a wide range of subjects and stories. Among his features have been stories about right whales, harp seals, and dolphin cognition. He is currently at work on a story about Whale Culture.

Damian Lidgard’s interest in the art of photography lies not with the camera but with seeing the beauty of the world through fresh perceptions. He uses this approach to create expressive interpretations of nature and landscapes from the Canadian Atlantic provinces. 

Jodi Frediani is a Monterey Bay based wildlife photographer focusing on marine species. Her work has appeared in national and international publications, including National Geographic, as well as being featured by the BBC. She is also engaged in whale research via several fluke ID projects abroad. 

Shayna Brody is a conservation photographer and videographer. She has a background studying marine mammals such as Bryde’s whales and is currently working on drone photography and research. -  @shaynabrody.



Richard W Dolan is a naturalist whose subject matter exists on Stellwagen Bank and beyond. The illustration of a Humpback whale fluke pattern unifies the essence of

portraiture with the science of cataloguing of a species population. -  Tails of Stellwagen on Etsy.

Sarah Dier-McComb is an artist and graduate student whose work captures animal

behaviour and showcases the fieldwork of herself and colleagues. She uses images taken from the field as inspiration for her detailed pieces and from her imagination for more abstract work under the waves.

Briana Corr Scott is an illustrator who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Her paper dolls, block prints, and watercolours are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Atlantic Coast. Briana’s delightful illustrations and doll kits can be found at shops and markets throughout the maritimes.

Jamie Brown - What is happening in the oceans is too important to ignore or dismiss as an outcome of our economy. Without ocean life, we will not have an economy. This is a world issue that needs solved now.


Rox Corbett is an award winning animal artist who makes drawings exclusively with

charcoal.  Instead of being loose sketches, her drawings are detailed and textural and, she hopes, a little moody. Before becoming a professional artist, Rox spent twenty years as a marine mammal field researcher.

Roxanne Beltran - New children’s book for ages 5-8, “A Seal Named Patches” by Roxanne Beltran and Patrick Robinson. Through breathtaking photos and real-life stories, young readers will learn about how scientists do fieldwork, and what it’s like to fly in a helicopter over Antarctica. Available for pre-order on, release date November 2017.

Ann Weaver, Ph.D divides her time between statistical consulting and long-term study of free-ranging bottlenose dolphin behavior, St Petersburg. FL, USA. She offsets calculations by doing pen-and-ink illustrations of mammals and artistic renditions of dolphin photos collected as part of her dolphin research.

Jennifer Marlow - Community art exhibit that highlights the Minas Basin and Valley. For four months, this installation was located above the high water mark on the beach at Halls Harbour. Whether exploring the gruesome industry of the whaling, their physical form, or its role in ecology, the whale continues as a common theme in artist, Jennifer Marlow’s work.

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