Poster Pods are a free, fun and voluntary event that will take place during the SMM2017 poster sessions! Poster Pods consist of ~ 10 people who are led through a theme-based series of posters by an expert in the field, and converse with poster presenters along the way.

Here you will find information on how to sign-up to be a Pod Leader or participant, and what to expect on the day of your Pod. 


How poster pods work

Poster Pod participation is simple. Both leaders and participants can sign up and view their Pod schedule through the conference website (see 'Leader sign-up information' and 'Participant sign-up and schedule information' below). At the beginning of each poster session the assigned Poster Pod leader will stand with a sign at the designated meeting station in the Scotiabank Center poster room (exact location TBD), and await participants to assemble. The leader will have a list of posters to visit for their theme (e.g., acoustics, physiology) which will be provided to participants beforehand. The Pod will then commence the tour, spending approximately 10 minutes at each assigned poster: 5 minutes will be dedicated to the poster presenter and 5 minutes to the Pod for questions. The Pod will then move on to the next poster. Each of the 4 poster sessions will host up to 5 Pods containing a maximum of 10 participants each, depending on how many leaders volunteer.


Leader Sign-Up



Participant Sign-Up and Schedule 

View the schedule or sign up to participate here.  

The sign up sheet contains the poster session, name of the poster pod leader and theme of posters that will be visited by each pod (e.g., acoustics, population & abundance).    Please enter your name in one of the 10 spots available in each pod. Sign up for a maximum one pod per poster session, because all pods within a poster session will run concurrently.   If all 10 spots have names already, that pod is full.  Don't worry if pods are full because new leaders are signing up all the time, keep checking back!  *If you sign up and later find you can't attend, please remove your name from the sign-up sheet so someone else can have your spot.*

NOTE: You may have trouble signing up through the conference App unless Google Docs is installed on your mobile device.  In this case, please use a dektop or laptop computer, or contact posters@marinemammalscience.org and we can add your name for you.


Assembly in the Scotiabank Center
Poster pods will assemble at the beginning of each poster session outside Poster Bays 11 & 12 in the Scotiabank Centre (see map below).   Each poster pod leader will be holding up a sign with their name on it so you can find them.  Check the schedule above if you forget who your leader is!

Poster Pod Meeting Area Map


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