Poster Pods are a free, fun and voluntary event that will take place during the SMM2017 poster sessions! Poster Pods consist of ~ 10 people who are led through a theme-based series of posters by an expert in the field, and converse with poster presenters along the way.

Here you will find information on how to sign-up to be a Pod Leader or participant, what to expect on the day of your Pod and the benefits of participation. 


How Poster Pods Work

Poster Pod participation is simple. Both leaders and participants can sign up and view their Pod schedule through the conference website (see 'Leader sign-up information' and 'Participant sign-up and schedule information' below). At the beginning of each poster session the assigned Poster Pod leader will stand with a sign at the designated meeting station in the Scotiabank Center poster room (exact location TBD), and await participants to assemble. The leader will have a list of posters to visit for their theme (e.g., acoustics, physiology) which will be provided to participants beforehand. The Pod will then commence the tour, spending approximately 5 minutes at each assigned poster: 2 minutes will be dedicated to the poster presenter and 3 minutes to the Pod for questions. After the 5 minutes, the Pod will then move on to the next poster. Each of the 4 poster sessions will host up to 5 Pods containing a maximum of 10 participants each, depending on how many leaders volunteer.


Benefits of Leader or Participating in a Pod

Poster Pods give participants the opportunity to learn through conversing over research with both excellent poster presenters and Pod leaders who are luminaries in their field. Pods can enhance the poster session learning experience for first-time poster session participants or those who may be shy about initiating one-on-one conversations with poster presenters. For leaders, a Pod is a fun opportunity to lead a guided tour that introduces your field of research to others through conversing over posters. Pods also make poster presentation easier and more fun for presenters, because presenters can talk to groups of people rather than repeat themselves multiple times to individual people.


Leader Sign-Up Information

*Leader sign up opens Thursday 15 June and closes Saturday 21 October at 11:59pm*

If you wish to volunteer to be a Poster Pod leader, sign up online via the leader sign up page, which will be posted between June 15 and October 21. On the sign up sheet, you will be prompted for your name, email, number of Poster Pods you would like to lead (max 1 Pod in each of the 4 poster sessions), and poster themes you would like to lead, which should ideally reflect your area of expertise (see a list of 17 conference theme options at under “What are the themes I can submit my abstract under?”). Your submission will be sent to the poster session organizer (posters@marinemammalscience.org), who will assign you to a poster session and list of posters. You will be notified with this information by email, and then on September 15 the Poster Pod schedule and participant sign up page will go live, where all leaders will find their name, theme, and poster session listed in a table, and participants can then sign up for your Pod. This is where you can keep track of your Pod schedule and see who has signed up for your Pod.


Participant Sign-Up and Schedule Information

*Participant sign up opens Friday 15 September and continues on a first come, first serve basis until each Poster Pod is filled. More Pods may be added as more Pod leaders volunteer or if participants drop out, so keep checking back*

Anyone can participate in a Poster Pod, and participation is voluntary. The information on this page will help you choose which Pod(s) you want to sign up for. Simply select a poster session, and a table will appear wherein each column contains the name of a Pod, the Pod leader and theme. There will be a maximum of 5 columns that each list a Pod available for that poster session. If you would like to sign up to participate in a Pod, simply add your first and last name to the list of participants in rows under each Pod. Each person can sign up for a maximum of one Pod per poster session, since each Pod will last for one entire poster session. Pods can accomodate a maximum of 10 participants. If you find later that you cannot attend your Pod, please remove your name from the list so someone else can have your spot. If a Pod you really want to participate in is full, please keep checking back to the website in case people drop out.

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