Please note that more information on each presentation format and content will be available closer to the conference. 

How long are oral presentations? 

Oral presentations are each allotted 15 minutes: 12 minutes for your presentation, two minutes for questions and one minute for transition. 

What is a speed talk?

A speed talk is a four-minute presentation during which you may present key-ideas, results and their meaning/implication. As a guide, three slides should be sufficient to allow you to get your point across during this style of presentation. Questions will be asked during a 15-minute period at the end of the session.  

What is a poster presentation?

Posters are essentially extended abstracts with easily readable graphics to make the main points about your research, and should clearly describe your research and its results without need for extended explanation. Posters typically include the title, authors, a brief background, methods, 1-3 main results with graphics, conclusions, and acknowledgments. Posters are meant to be viewed from a few feet away, and that means using a big, bold font size, so to make a great poster you need to be selective in what you present on it. During the conference, there will be several poster sessions where the presenter stands by their poster while others mingle and speak with the presenters of the posters that interest them most. For you the presenter, the poster acts as an introduction to engage people in a conversation with you about your research. During the conversation you can tell the story and provide more details.

What is a video presentation?

This is a new presentation format. A video presentation is of the same length as a speed-talk (four minutes) but created using various media such as high-resolution video, animation and narration. Authors should use these various media in a creative manner to clearly express the purpose of the study, results and their implication and to be understood not only by scientific peers but also by a wider audience.  Questions will be asked during a 15-minute period at the end of the session.

To ensure a high level of quality in video presentations suitable for viewing at a scientific conference, all video submissions will be reviewed, scored and a decision made on their quality prior to the start of the conference. **Thus, presentations must be submitted no later than 9th August, 2017**. To be shown, video submissions must meet a minimum qualifying score of 65% based on a scoring rubric (detail are accessible here). Those that fail to meet this score will be notified by August 16th, 2017 and assigned either a speed talk or a poster. You can select which one you would prefer in the abstract submission form.  

Presenting your work as a video takes advantage of creative talent, and opportunities to reach a wider audience through social media and other avenues not accessible with conventional oral or poster presentations. For submissions that include underwater footage of marine mammals, video presentations provide a greater understanding and appreciation of how these remarkable animals live in the marine environment. 

Specific requirements for a video presentation and examples can be found here.

What format does my talk or speed talk need to be and how do I upload it?

In order to keep the program on time presenters may not use their own computers during their presentations.

Please bring your presentations on a thumb drive to the speaker upload room 24-hours prior to your presentation.

The format is PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX), standard definition, 16:9 ratio. The presentation computers will be running Powerpoint 2013. 

Please embed any videos or audio within the presentation

Also include ALL videos & audio files in a separate folder on your thumb drive. This will enable us to correct any problems on site.

Try to use a standard font as the machines utilized will typically only have the standard font files on hand.

There will be an A/V tech available onsite to assist you.

Can I use the PPT presenter view?

There will be a laptop on the stage to run presenter view for those who want to read their notes.

Is there a place I can go to double check my presentation and make sure it is working and practice my talk?

The speaker ready room is a designated room where a speaker can go to just practice their presentation. There will be a sign up sheet on the door to set up a time slot for private use. Here, you may walk through your presentation so you are comfortable and ready to make your presentation at the scheduled time. There will be an LCD projector and screen available, please bring your own computer if you have one.

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