You are a student, so chances are you are on a tight budget and looking for funding to be able to attend SMM2017 in Halifax. Here are some suggestions of places to start looking.


Student Travel Grants

Student travel grants are awarded by the SMM Student Affairs Committee by a random lottery system to students who are presenting at the conference. Please note that we try to allocate as many student travel grants as possible given our budget, and often the amount we are able to award is not enough to cover all of the expenses associated with the conference so you should apply for multiple sources of funding.

To apply for a student travel grant for the 2017 conference you need to all of the following:

  1. Be a student at the time you submit your abstract, this will need to be verified. 
  2. Submit an abstract for presentation. This can be for a poster, oral talk or awesome new video presentation.
  3. Tick a the "I am a student box" during the online abstract submission process. Tick the box that indicates you want to apply for a student travel grant. Indicate which level of student you are (e.g. undergraduate or graduate)
  4. Provide your supervisors name and email AND upload a letter from your academic supervisor confirming your student status BEFORE the abstract deadline on March 29, 2017. See example letter from a supervisor here



Volunteering is a great way to offset the conference registration costs, contribute to the conference., and meet new, wonderful people associated with hosting the conference. Volunteers are accepted on a first come, first served basis. For more information see the Volunteer page or contact the volunteer coordinator Dara Orbrach (


Budget Travel Tips
  • Airport transportation:
    • Driver Dave's - They specialize in airport transportation for Univeristy students, but also offer transportation services around the Halifax area.
    • Airport Shuttle - $22/person or $40 round trip, tickets available for pre-purchase online or at the Ground Transportation Booth at the airport, 30-45 minutes to get downtown
    • Bus #320 - $2.50/person (exact change required), leaves every hour or every half hour depending on the time of day, takes about an hour to get downtown
  • Budget food places near the conference centre and grocery stores

Follow the link for more information on conference accommodation and transportation.

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