Going hybrid means there are two ways to participate in SMM2022: live and in person in West Palm Beach and/or virtually through our new online experience. All presenters in all formats (e.g. oral, speed talks, posters and videos) will be required to record and upload their presentation no later than July 1. Virtual content will be available on-demand for all in-person and virtual attendees during the conference and for 30 days post-conference.

All attendees will have access to the virtual conference so people who will not be able to join the conference in person will still be able to participate, present, and interact with other conference attendees. It will be a whole new conference experience!

Thank you for being a part of this first ever SMM hybrid conference! We are excited about the added value that virtual content will bring to the conference.

We have assigned all virtual and in-person talks to specific sessions in the Schedule at a Glance. This is to highlight all of the amazing research being done by all of our attendees—whether you are attending in-person or virtually! We also want to help people easily connect with other researchers working on similar topics — such as sirenian conservation or feeding ecology or distribution of marine mammals.


Thank you for being a part of this first ever SMM hybrid conference! We are excited about the added value your virtual content brings to the conference. Below you will find information to help you get started with your recording or uploading your presentations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions at abstracts@marinemammalscience.org, we’re here to help.

First step is to review the general speaker guidance found HERE. Please make sure you pay close attention to the time allotted. Your recordings will be reviewed, and any that are over the time limit will need to be re-recorded.


Please plan to have your video recorded and uploaded by July 1. Time is required to check every video to ensure a smooth virtual meeting. Take advantage of the opportunity to practice and re-record your presentation as many times as you need to feel satisfied from the comfort of your home or office. Yes, we know that is early so please don’t email to let us know. Please do your best to get it in early, and we appreciate the many of you that are already asking to upload.

We hope you will upload and record your materials well before the deadline. This will allow for better customer service and support, as well as to avoid potential slow-downs or web disruptions that cannot be anticipated during heavy upload periods.

Helpful Hint: The number one issue we encounter with the recorded video relates to audio. Sometimes the speaker is too quiet, or there is too much background noise. Do a couple of test runs to make sure your sound is good. If you are being creative and recording outside, avoid the wind and use a wind muff for more pristine audio!


Please note that the virtual meeting platform offers a built-in self-recording tool. Though you are not required to use it, we do encourage you to consider it for an effective and easy one-stop, self-serve process. If you are more comfortable with another recording platform (examples: Zoom, Loom, Webex, GoToMeeting or PowerPoint), you have the option to record using your preferred software and upload that MP4 video file using the Upload Presentation Video button.

Helpful Hint: Google Chrome Works Best, so we strongly recommend you use the most current version of Google Chrome to record your presentation through the conference platform for the best result and to avoid errors. If you choose to use another software tool to record your talk you will upload your MP4 video through the conference platform.


For a detailed walkthrough on how to record your virtual presentation using the virtual conference platform tool, please watch the video within this support document. Or paste this link into your browser: https://support.x-cd.com/portal/en/kb/articles/record-a-presentation-in-the-submission-platform.

Relax, give yourself an opportunity to practice, and enjoy sharing your presentation.


Virtual poster presenters are REQUIRED to submit a PDF version of their poster that could be downloaded by conference participants AND a short video (up to 3-minutes) to accompany their virtual poster presentation. In-person poster presenters are REQUIRED to submit a PDF version of their poster and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also submit a short video.

This video is meant to mimic your interaction while standing at a physical poster; however, you are not limited by how creative you can be.  This is an opportunity to engage with more people than you would normally (and in a different way) at a regular conference.