Important information regarding guidelines and tips for all presentation formats below.


Click to download the appropriate hi-resolution SMM2021 logo for your presentation:
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Click to download the appropriate hi-resolution SMM logo for your presentation:
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Oral presentations are each allotted 12 minutes: 9 minutes for your presentation, two minutes for questions and one minute for transition.

Speed talks are each allotted 5 minutes: 4 minutes for your presentation during which you may present key-ideas, results and their meaning/implication, followed by one minute for transition. Three slides should be sufficient to allow you to get your point across during this style of presentation but it is at your own discretion to decide how many slides you want to use.

Keep in mind that the sessions chairs will be very strict about the time limits; do not force them to cut abruptly your presentation, respect your time limits as well as the rest of colleagues presenting their work.


The required format for both orals and speed talks is PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX), Wide screen definition, 16:9 ratio.

In order to facilitate the presentations flow and keep the program on time, presenters will not be able to use their own computers during their presentations.

Please embed any videos or audio within the presentation. Include ALL videos and/or audio files in a separate folder on your thumb drive. This will enable us to correct any problems on-site.

Try to use a standard font as the machines utilized will typically only have the standard font files on hand.

Presenters will need to bring their presentations on a thumb drive to the speaker upload room at the convention center. More information will be released on this in 2021.

If there are technical issues, an A/V technician will be available onsite to assist you.


The Speaker Ready Room is a designated room where speakers can go to practice their presentation.  There will be a sign-up sheet on the door (room location TBD) to sign out a time slot for private use.  Available in the room will be an LCD projector and screen, please bring your own computer.



Presenting your work as a video requires creative talent and moving beyond familiar presentation formats and techniques to communicate your message. At first, it may appear a daunting task, but the benefits will be worth the effort. First, video presentations allow one to express their creative talent, an opportunity that is not always evident in research, and provides a bridge between science and art. Second, they present opportunities for marine mammal research to reach a wider audience through social media and other avenues not accessible with conventional oral or poster presentations and thus useful outreach tools. Third, presentations with footage of marine mammals underwater provide a greater understanding and appreciation of how these remarkable animals live in the marine environment and may contribute toward developing new research ideas.

Authors that select video as their choice of presentation should submit an abstract as one would for the other presentation formats. The abstract will be reviewed and if judged to be of sufficient quality, the authors will be invited to create and submit a video of their research. To ensure a high level of quality in video presentations suitable for viewing at a scientific conference, all video submissions will be reviewed, scored and a decision made on their quality prior to the start of the conference.


Each submission will be reviewed and scored by three reviewers who have experience in creating and editing video. Obviously, the video review process cannot be conducted blind but will strictly adhere to the scoring rubric provided below. After adjusting for differences in scoring among individual reviewers, videos will be ranked on the basis of their overall score.

To be successful, submissions must achieve a 65% score or above in Section A and in Section B and score higher than ‘Insufficient’ in all categories. Video submissions that fail to achieve the score will be assigned a speed or poster talk. It is strongly recommended that video presenters follow the scoring rubric when creating their video. Submissions should be no more than 4 minutes in duration; videos of longer duration will not be accepted. Presenters are encouraged to use all forms of media (i.e., video, animation, narration, etc) to creatively express a structured storyline of their research including its purpose, the results and their meaning and implication.Footage and sound legitimately purchased may be used in the video. Primary authors are encouraged to present the work and provide the narration to create a link between the research and the researcher. The content should be presented in a manner that can be understood and appreciated not only by scientific peers but also by a wider audience.

Review the scoring criteria for video presentations before submitting your video to ensure that you have covered all scoring elements.


Whales in Fjords

Ocean Tracking Network: Tracking Seals Movement in our Oceans


Good posters are essentially extended abstracts with easily readable graphics to make the main points. The poster should clearly describe your research and its results without need for extended explanation. With these goals in mind, we offer the following practical guidelines:


The title of your poster and the names of the authors should be large and clearly visible from 20 feet away. This means that the font should be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm, 72-point font size) in height. Affiliations and contact details (including e-mail addresses) of authors should be included.


The full text of your abstract may be included, or an abbreviated version.  Some presenters find a picture-like abstract to be effective.


Any text should be kept to a bare minimum, keeping in mind that the main points of your poster should be contained in the figures and illustrations and their captions. The text should be in at least 24-point font size to be easily read.


Graphics, such as tables, figures, and illustrations, should contain the majority of the content of your poster. They should be clear and concise and should convey their primary meaning with little effort from the viewer. They do not, however, need to be simple. All graphics should include a brief heading or caption describing their content and meaning, and expressing the primary point of the graphic. A brief self-explanatory figure legend should be included below the main caption, containing a more-detailed description of the points of the graphic. The legend should include a description of the graphic as well as the conclusions derived from its content.


Poster size for SMM2021 will be 90×90 cm. Please do not exceed this poster size, as there will be NO room for larger posters!

Posters can be produced by using design or presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. The entire poster can be laid out as a single file, including text, tables, figures and photographs.

Your PROGRAM ID NUMBER (NOT your abstract submission number!) must appear in the right upper corner of your poster. The poster can then be printed using large color ink-jet printers at printing service centers. These panels only allow double sided tape to stick the poster to the board. It is the poster owner’s responsibility to check that the poster can stick to the board using this kind of material. Note that Posters printed on some kind of fabric or plastic may not hold with the tape supplied by the conference and that tape that cannot easily come off the board is not allowed.




Poster Pods are a free, fun and voluntary event that will take place during the poster sessions! Poster Pods typically consist of ~ 10 people who are led through a theme-based series of posters by an expert in the field, and converse with poster presenters along the way.

As poster presenters, you may be visited by a pod.  You will have ~ 5 minutes with each pod to present your poster to them, then there will be ~5 minutes of discussion time with pod participants before moving on.

To sign up as a potential leader for poster pods, be sure to click the option in the registration menu during checkout!