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The Student Members-at-large of the Society for Marine Mammology (SMM) have been working hard to make the SMM2021 in West Palm Beach (and virtually!) a fun and productive conference for all students! We want you to have a positive and educational conference experience.

In addition to awarding in travel grants to help get students to Florida, we are planning on several other activities to enrich the student experience including a student night event, student booth for meet ups, student workshops and marine mammal mentor event.


Student travel grants are awarded by the SMM Student Affairs Committee by a random lottery system to students who are presenting at the conference. Please note that we try to allocate as many student travel grants as possible given our budget, and often the amount we are able to award is not enough to cover all of the expenses associated with the conference so you should apply for multiple sources of funding.

To apply for a student travel grant for the 2021 conference, you will need to tick the “I am a student” box during the online abstract submission process. By clicking this box, you are indicating that you want to apply for a student travel grant. In order to do this, you will need the following:

  1. Submit an abstract for a presentation of any format (e.g. oral, poster, speedtalk or video).
  2. Be a student at the time you submit your abstract. Verification will be required during the submission process. 
  3. Indicate which level of student you are (e.g. undergraduate or graduate).
  4. Provide your supervisors name and email

Please, be aware that there is limited funding for students. Therefore, if you do not need funding and/or you will be funded by your own institution, please do not apply in order to give other students the opportunity to have access to the grants.

Please Note: Student travel grant recipients are required to register for and participate fully in the conference. Abstract submission deadline is 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5) on April 11th.


Since the World Marine Mammal Science Conference in 1998, a Student Affairs Workshop has occurred during each Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.

The Student Affairs Workshops provide a forum for SMM students to interact with each other, as well as with leading professionals in the field of marine mammal science.  The format of the workshops typically consists of one or more presentations of particular relevance to students engaged in marine mammal research and conservation followed by small-group discussions with participating professionals.

For more information on past workshops, click HERE.


More information will be available on volunteering and how you can get involved later in 2021.

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